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GET ON YOUR MARK: A Winning System for Your Health & Family Finances
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Welcome to my 90 Day Transformation Challenge!  

Enrich your life and live more energetically!

This 90 Day Challenge is for people who would like to drop weight, feel more energetic, enrich their lives, improve their health biomarkers, sleep better,and develop new habits for healthier eating and lifestyle. 

Are you someone who wants to drop 10, 20, 30 pounds+, are experiencing aging, brain fog, bloating, or hormonal weight gain? If I could show you a plan that addresses stress and lifestyle factors, healthy eating, and fat burning exercises that gives you results fast would you take a sneak peak? Maybe you are ready to make a change and begin your health and fitness journey to turn it into a personal transformation! What if you could experience changes in just one week? 2 weeks? 30 days? Interested? I'd love to hear about your wishes and desires to find out the best way to help you get started! You can contact me at the numbers below.

Choose to enrich your life and live more energetically!

The benefits of this program are far reaching and establish a journey towards better health for the long run.


Tools for success

Plant based meal recipes, and a healthy snack list

Grocery shopping lists

Quick fitness fat burning routines

Mindfulness exercises

Personal coaching from the best :)  that would be me!

Delicious plant based recipes

Daily suggested menu plan

Private online FB group with support

Text tips and inspirational emails

GET healthier, ENRICH your life, DROP pounds and LOSE inches  

Shelley's Top Picks for Healthy Weight Loss

• Shaklee Life Shake Family Pack (2 shakes/day)*

• Vita-Lea Multi-Vitamin/Mineral
• Stress Relief Complex
• Herb-Lax -Gentle cleansing
• Shaklee 180 Metabolic Boost - Revs Up Metabolism!
• Shaklee 180 Energizing Tea - Super replacement for caffeine

Or Choose our 180 Turn Around Kit

All products are Non-GMO. Dairy-free. Gluten-free. Low-glycemic* Clinically proven to help you retain 100% muscle mass while losing weight so you only lose fat-- not muscle.

The cost for Shelley's top picks is only $273 when you select our convenient and flexible AutoShip replenishment service @10%discount 


Shelley Marenka, Life Enrichment Coach, GurlBoss 
Master Personal Trainer 

Phone: 530-864-7891   Email: GetOnYourMARK@gmail.com

Website: GetOnYourMARK.com

Facebook: Get On Your MARK  Shelley Marenka

Instagram: smarenka